Losing Less Money Playing Cards Online


If you want to start winning bigger posts, you have to stop doing the things that are literally draining your chips to players who have the patience to pick away at your stacks until they are all gone. The following tips are going to make a huge improvement in your game, allowing you to hang around longer and possibly put yourself in position to be able to win a giant pot when the table is pushing all in and you have the nuts.

Learning To Let Go of Your Hands
One of the biggest misconceptions in online poker is that certain hands are to be played no matter what. Too many players are instantly married to AK suited and will bet to the river any price because they simply can not let this hand go. If you have AK suited and the board pairs, chances are pretty good you are way behind, especially if someone is betting at the pot. Even if you caught one of your cards, you are still dead in the water if the board pairs and that set just turned to a boat. The best players know how to let go of their AK on the flop if things are not looking good.

Learning to Muck the Winner
Another tough thing to do is to let go of a hand that was solid on the flop. If you flopped a straight, you may be dancing in your seat thinking you will slow play to the river and pocket a huge pot. The problem is you didn't notice that two of the three cards in your straight on the board were hearts. The turn and then river were hearts, meaning your straight is completed toasted and anyone at the table that you let to the river holding a heart will beat your flopped straight.

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